Gh Lightning Tower

Gb model: 17 meters independent lightning tower

Height: 17m (including tip height)

Weight: 611 kg

Basic form: Supporting

Material: hot dip galvanized

Basic wind pressure: 0.7kN /m2

Technical Parameter

Gb model  17 meters independent lightning tower
Height  17m (including tip height)
Weight  611 kg
Basic form Supporting
Material hot dip galvanized
Basic wind pressure  0.7kN /m2
Seismic fortification intensity 8 degrees and small day 8 degrees area
Foundation bearing capacity 100 and 200 KN/m25,
Ice thickness ≤10mm 
Verticality ≤1/1000

Technical Parameter

W0=0.4KN/m² A B C D E A01
Material specifications of each section Main material(Steel Pipe) t(pipe thickness) 5 5 5 5 5  
d2 362 400 438 476 514  
d1 190 362 362 362 362  
bolt M14 M14 M14 M14 M14  
Weight(kg) 300 93 195 306 427 5
Rod Bottom Flange Weight(kg) 20mm(44.7) 20mm(50.5) 20mm(56.9) 20mm(63.2) 20mm(70.1)  
stiffener thickness Weight(kg) 12mm(6.63) 12mm(6.63) 12mm(6.63) 12mm(6.63) 12mm(6.63)  
Separator thickness Weight(kg) 10mm(7.9) 10mm(8.1) 10mm(8.1) 10mm(8.1) 10mm(8.1)  
Weight with flange Weight(kg) 359.2 158.2 266.6 383.9 511.8  

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