Transportation, installation and maintenance of forest fire observation tower

2022-05-11 16:13:38

1. Tower transportation

(1) The towers should be bundled in categories, and simply packaged if necessary. Fasteners should be packaged in categories with a list of specifications and quantities enclosed.

(2) When loading and unloading, handle with care to prevent deformation, bumps, and galvanized coating.

(3) When transported to the installation and storage point, check the inventory according to the list, and deal with the problems in time.

2. Tower installation

(1) During galvanizing and transportation, if the component is slightly deformed, it must be corrected before construction. The allowable deviation of correction is 1/1000 of the length of the component. The individual welded joints should be repaired and coated with anti-corrosion.

(2) During the assembly of the tower, it is strictly forbidden to assemble it forcibly, and it is strictly forbidden to fire the components on site. Generally, on-site hole making and welding are not allowed.

(3) After the tower is assembled, the foot plate of the tower should be in good contact with the foundation pad, and the gap should be filled with iron pads and filled with concrete.

(4) After the installation and acceptance of the tower, the tower foundation bolts must be concrete-packed, and the foundation bolts should be greased and wrapped before packing.

(5) The connecting bolts of the main material nodes of the tower column adopt double females. If there is an anti-theft requirement, all the bottom bolts are anti-theft bolts.

3. Inspection and maintenance

(1) Regular inspection and maintenance, and establishment of maintenance files.

(2) After strong winds, a comprehensive inspection should be made for the verticality of the tower, whether the bolts are loose, whether the welds are cracked, whether the components are obviously deformed, and whether the foundation is subsided, etc., and make a record.

(3) Abnormal phenomena such as tower skew, foundation settlement, loosening and defects of components should be dealt with in time or researched and solved with relevant departments.

(4) If the tower is corroded, paint should be repainted.

(5) Other construction factors must prevent damage to the tower, foundation and grounding device.

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